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“So yeah, I’m a producer of paint n colour and light..and I guess that you could say I’m an least that’s what the world calls it.

But really, truly this is just a game, a giggle, an occupation, a meditation...a dance and a trance

I kinda fell into painting whilst on my “spiritual odyssey”

A bit of a mystic was I in my twenties..

travelling the search of “the truth”...

following the masters and eventually stumbling on this gig called

”channelling the light”.

YEAH the mystic trip...

But then I sussed that this mystic voyage could be reduced ( at least in my opinion)

to one common thread..


You what?


Come again?


Ya know what I’m sayin?

You see in all mystic traditions, it was THE LIGHT that was worshipped and studied

The Kabbalists mapped it

The Sun Worshippers imbibed it and lived off it

The Shaman Psychedelic-munchers travelled within it

The Yogis created pathways to move it around their body

Jesus and all the Avatars WERE it

So I got into this gig of being a sun and light worshipper

Meditatin, celebratin, levitatin la luz

And then DING

It was so obvious..

What is the light made of?



The rainbow

The spectrum

The prism and all that

And then these “paint stores” sell ready made pots and tubes of liquid colour

Wow- no shit

And you can just take this stuff and PLAY with it

Throw it around and spray it ....mmmmh

So you can call me a painter but that is a façade..

I’m a student and technician of colour and light

That’s all

I’m a groovester having fun and funk with the colour and light!


Ailon Free
Ailon Free
Ailon Free
Ailon Free
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