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Most of the paintings that you see on the site are available.

That doesn’t mean I want to sell them- but make me an offer and we’ll see

Actually an Ailon Free original needn’t cost a bomb.

Small pieces start from as little as £50, and while I’m holding out for £3 or £4 grand for my masterpieces, a pretty decent 6ft chunk of dancing colour might only set you back £500.

And it’ll last forever.

By the way, many of the pieces shown on the site were done as part of a series…so if you want a smaller or larger version get in touch because there’s probably one knocking around.

Similar-limilarly- there are too many pieces in the Ailon Free warehouse to show on the site. Let me know which painting and/or series you are interested, in and I’ll email you a selection of existing pieces in that style.

You know what I mean?

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